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Hi I'm Katy, it's time to get creative!

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Upcycle, craft & transform ♥

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I take items that would normally be thrown out and transform them into little stunners that have a new lease of life and will never feel unwanted again!

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Why ButtonFly?


Each piece is a one-off. I only ever make one of each design. Because items are re-used, often that object can't be found again. You're guaranteed something unique. Cool hey.

The vintage, the floral, the downright beautiful. It's all about being eclectic. Throw in a little ButtonFly copper stamped square and you've got one of my signature pieces!

A little bit about the products...


Upcycled through decoupage to create a whole new look. Yes it really is paper! A bespoke service is also available. Varnished without a VOC in sight and waterbased glue used



I like to call these gifts, be them for yourself or for someone else. Upcycled smaller things which look fab around the home or workplace. Waterbased glue used and finished with a VOC free varnish


Decoupage Papers  

Designed and hand printed by Katy. These allow you to give decoupage a go yourself and play with colours the way I like to. Printed with waterbased inks.

I love hodge podge. To me, colour is a really important part of life. Just have fun with it. I love to mix up the colour ways big time.

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 Stuff is constantly changing on here so be sure to come back to see more new & exciting things!

   Photography by Bradley Beck-Hill & Rachel Harman